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 4  Metformin was not lowering blood su It has lowered my A1c significantly into the non diabetic range and reduced my blood pressure. I’ve lost 30lbs as well. Vaginal itching is almost always present but with additional cleansing and watching my sugar intake cause that’s what increases the acidity in my urine I can somewhat control it. Its kind of hard to live with but the weight loss is worth it for me. I’ll continue on it as long as I can as its decreased my sugar and weight a lot. F 48 1 years


I started taking 200 mg of Invokana a day and lost 10lbs and brought my A1C from 9 to 8. Then after about 2 years it stopped working and I was put on 300mg and lost another 10 lbs. A year later and my A1C is going back up and have to add Trulicity once a week and Doctor upped my Glimepiride from 2 mg to 4 mg. I had no side effects with Invokana but you have to drink a lot of water with Invokana cause thatâ??s how you get rid of the sugar. Hopefully no side effects from the Trulicity.


Acute pancreatitis episode which is rare but has been found. Needs to be added to side effects.


I started taking 100mg w/Lantus per doctor. Now I’m taking 300mg w/o Lantus. My A1C went from 7.8 to 6.3. Only side effect is loss of weigh. I went from 154-144 in 4 months; I’m 5’8″ I looked sick. But over all no other side effects. I’m monitoring my meds, next update coming up 12/7, up my #’s are still good.


100 mg took my A1C down .4, with no side effects. Be sure to drink at least a quart of water a day.

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