Invokana Reviews

Most Type 2 diabetes patients rated the medicine and commented about Invokana are satisfied with
the results. On internet, Invokana has 4 out of 5 points. The medicine is popular among middle-aged
and over middle-aged. While some patients used the medicine for only 1 year and quit taking it,
others used for almost half a decade and are still using. What we can conclude from that is how
many years you have to use Invokana is depend on you.

Invokana takers reported mostly about increased frequency of urination. They have experienced
temporary side effects like vagina or penis burning, but still took Invokana and also suggest everyone
who has same problems to continue.

Why Do Invokana Cause Amputation?

Amputation is the removal of any protruding organ of the body, especially the arms and legs,
completely or partially by surgical methods. One of the temporary side effects of Invokana is
urinating more than normal. When patients’ body receives less water than it needs, dehydration
occurs. Blood circulation gets poor and amputation is needed for some organs like feet, arms, legs.
According to the FDA warning, doctors should seriously investigate whether patients are at risk of
amputation before using these drugs. This drug should not be used in patients who have had
previous amputation, those with peripheral vascular disease, neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers.
Those who use this drug should be strictly followed.

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