Invokana Doctors’ Comments

Apart from medicine takers’ reviews, it may be beneficial to read doctors’ comments about the Invokana.

James List, M.D., Ph.D., Global Therapeutic Area Head, Cardiovascular & Metabolism, Janssen
Research & Development, LLC said; “With the approval of these new uses, Invokana is now the only
diabetes medicine indicated to help type 2 diabetes patients reduce the risks associated with diabetic
kidney disease, including hospitalization for heart failure.”

LaVerne A. Burton, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Kidney Fund is also on the side of
Invokana. She said; “We know that the real battle to turn the tide on kidney disease is in early
detection and slowing its progression so that patients stay healthier and fewer patients reach kidney
failure. We are so grateful that advances in kidney disease research are producing treatment options
that help to slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease and reduce the risk of hospitalization for
heart failure.”

Invokana Dosage Warning

Using medicines with unnecessary and hearsay information, using doses and more than the duration
can cause a great damage to organs and age, people’s unconsciousness even kill them. Hence it is
needed to be careful while using medicines. First, be sure that you need the medicine, and learn in
which conditions how much dose you need.

At start, using 100 mg Invokana before breakfast is recommended.

For people whose estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is higher, dosage can be increased up
to 300 mg daily. If you have a special problem like renal impairment, don’t change the dosage by
yourself. Read the prospectus carefully.

If you detect any signs of high blood sugar, ask your doctor if something is wrong before it is late.

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